Nuclear Threat Reduction Advocacy Strategy

In line with the Coalition for Nuclear Threat Reductions’s mission, we have focused our policy advocacy efforts on the most urgent challenges today, including

  • Building support for U.S. diplomatic engagement with Russia and China on nuclear risk reduction and arms control to avoid miscalculation, reduce arsenals, and prevent arms racing
  • Building support in Congress to block the addition of new nuclear technologies to the U.S. nuclear arsenal which are destabilizing
  • Mobilizing scientists through initiatives that encourage U.S. and global leaders to reinforce norms against nuclear weapons use and threats of use

Below you can see positions, policy papers, letters, and other documents prepared by Coalition staff and leaders, and used in previous advocacy campaigns. 

Coalition Positions

Letters to Government

Expert Policy Papers

These papers discuss topics of interest to the Physicists Coalition for Nuclear Threat Reduction, but represent only the views of the authors.

Benefits of not testing, Frank von Hippel (11/26/2020; Updated August 2023)

Ending launch on warning, Frank von Hippel (11/15/2020)

Future of US ICBMs, Frank von Hippel (11/14/2020)

A No-First-Use Policy, Stewart Prager (12/1/2020) 

Extension of the New START Treaty, Stewart Prager (12/1/2020) – Related: Support Arms Control Diplomacy with Russia