Articles and Publications That Mention the Physicists Coalition for Nuclear Threat Reduction 

Physicists Need to be Talking about Nuclear Weapons by Stewart Prager and Frank N. von Hippel in Physics Today, August 2023

Failed visionaries: Scientific activism and the Cold War by Anna Pluff and John Emery in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, August 2023

At Hiroshima, Leaders Should Choose to End All Nuclear Threats by Zia Mian and Daryl Kimball in the Scientific American, May 2023

Training Scientists for the Long, Global Struggle Against Nuclear Weapons by Zia Mian, Frank N Von Hippel in the MacArthur Foundation, April 2023

Nuclear Weapons Are an Issue of Science, Senior Scientist Argues by Cecilia Ochoa in The Hoya, March 2023

We Must Prevent a New Nuclear Arms Race by Daryl Kimball and Frank N. von Hippel in the Scientific American, March 2023

Physicists Form a Coalition to Rein in the Nuclear Threat by Carol Polsgrove in The CounterPunch, February 2023

Nuclear War Dangers from the Ukraine Conflict: And a Cautionary Statement for Scientists to Sign by Stewart Prager and Frank N von Hippel in the APS Newsletter, January 2023 

Physicists Can Help Combat Global Threat of Nuclear Weapons, Say Experts at Nuclear Physics Meeting by Sophia Chen in APS News, December 2022. 

Mobilizing Physicists for Nuclear Arms Control Advocacy by Charlotte Selton, Zia Mian, and Stewart Prager in the APS Newsletter, October 2022

Princeton Professors Consider Potential Threat of Nuclear War from Russia by Jacqueline Zhou in The Princetonian, October 2022.

Physicists Coalition for Nuclear Threat Reduction Touts Achievements by Tawanda W. Johnson in APS News Update, September 2022

Russia’s War in Ukraine Raises Nuclear Risks, Physicists Warn by Emily Conover in Science News, March, 2022 

Geoscientists Can Help Reduce the Threat of Nuclear Weapons by Alan Robock and Stewart Prager in Eos (published by American Geophysical Union), December 2021

Once More Into the Breach: Physicists Mobilize Again to Counter the Nuclear Threat by Zia Mian, Stewart Prager, and Frank N. von Hippel in Arms Control Today, May 2021 

OGA Team Member Helps Build Nuclear Threat Reduction Coalition, by Tawanda W. Johnson in APS News Update 

The Increasing Peril of Nuclear Weapons: And How Physicists Can Help Reduce the Threat by Stewart Prager, Steve Fetter, Alex Glaser, Zia Mian, Sébastien Philippe, and Frank von Hippel in APS News The Back Page, July/August 2020 

New Physicists’ Coalition to Advocate for Nuclear Threat Reduction by Tawanda W. Johnson in APS News, May 2020 

Physicists Mobilize to Reduce the Nuclear Threat, Again by Stewart Prager, Steve Fetter, Alexander Glaser, Zia Mian, and Frank von Hippel in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, January 2020