Publications About the Physicists Coalition for Nuclear Threat Reduction 

March, 2023, Scientific AmericanWe Must Prevent a New Nuclear Arms Race

February, 2023, CounterPunchPhysicists Form a Coalition to Rein in the Nuclear Threat

January, 2023, APS Newsletter: Nuclear War Dangers from the Ukraine Conflict: And a Cautionary Statement for Scientists to Sign

December 2022, APS News: Physicists Can Help Combat Global Threat of Nuclear Weapons, Say Experts at Nuclear Physics Meeting

October 2022, APS NewsletterMobilizing Physicists for Nuclear Arms Control Advocacy

October 2022, The Princetonian: Princeton Professors Consider Potential Threat of Nuclear War from Russia

September 2022, APS News Update: Physicists Coalition for Nuclear Threat Reduction Touts Achievements

March, 2022, Science NewsRussia’s War in Ukraine Raises Nuclear Risks, Physicists Warn

December 2021, Eos (published by American Geophysical Union): Geoscientists Can Help Reduce the Threat of Nuclear Weapons 

May 2021, Arms Control Today: Once More Into the Breach: Physicists Mobilize Again to Counter the Nuclear Threat

August 2020, APS News Update: OGA Team Member Helps Build Nuclear Threat Reduction Coalition

July/August 2020, APS News The Back Page: The Increasing Peril of Nuclear Weapons: And How Physicists Can Help Reduce the Threat

May 2020, APS News: New Physicists’ Coalition to Advocate for Nuclear Threat Reduction

January 2020, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: Physicists Mobilize to Reduce the Nuclear Threat, Again