The Physicists Coalition for Nuclear Threat Reduction was originally founded by a Project Team of expert physicists with the support of the American Physical Society Innovation Fund and the Carnegie Corporation in October 2019. Beginning in October 2022, the Coalition began a partnership with the Arms Control Association.

Our mission is to reach out to physicists in the United States and elsewhere to mobilize those interested in opportunities for nuclear threat reduction. We welcome physical scientists broadly, including those in engineering to join us. Together we can be a powerful voice to inform Congress, other key policymakers, our peers, and the public about what is at stake and what can be done to reduce nuclear dangers. 

In its initial two years, the Coalition has built a membership of hundreds of physical scientists from across the United States. This effective network of citizen-scientists advocates for actions toward reducing the nuclear threat.  

The Coalition leadership is composed of The Steering CommitteeThe Project TeamThe Advisory Committee, and a Policy and Communications Coordinator. It partners with the Arms Control Association (ACA) and The Princeton Program on Science and Global Security. Learn more about the Coalition Leadership and Team