Leadership and People

The Coalition Leadership is composed of The Steering Committee, The Project Team, The Advisory Committee, and a Policy and Communications Coordinator. It partners with the Arms Control Association (ACA) and The Princeton Program on Science and Global Security.

The Steering Committee oversees and guides all aspects of Coalition activity. Current members of the Steering Committee are: Laura Grego, Daryl Kimball, Fred Lamb, Zia Mian, Stewart Prager (Committee Chair), and Frank von Hippel.

The Coalition Project Team consists of physical scientists who are experts on nuclear arms control issues. The Project Team members inform the physics community about the threat of nuclear weapons through in-person or online educational sessions referred to as Colloquia. They also recruit physicists to the coalition and help foster local and national advocacy. We have so far held colloquia at over 100 institutions.

Current Project Team Members

Angela Di Fulvio

University of Illinois

Tara Drozdenko

Union of Concerned Scientists

Alex Glaser Headshot

Alex Glaser

Princeton University

Robert Goldston

Union of Concerned Scientists

Laura Grego

Union of Concerned Scientists

Matthias Grosse Perdekamp

University of Illinois

Raymond Jeanloz

UC Berkeley

Fred Lamb Headshot

Fred Lamb

University of Illinois

Zia Mian Headshot

Zia Mian

Princeton University

Frank von Hippel Headshot

Frank von Hippel

Princeton University

Sébastien Philippe

Princeton University

Stewart Prager Headshot

Stewart Prager

Princeton University

Alan Robock Headshot

Alan Robock

Rutgers University

Former Project Team Members

Steve Fetter

University of Maryland

Other Partners and People

Arms Control Association (Partner Organization): The Arms Control Association is a United States-based nonpartisan membership organization founded in 1971, with the self-stated mission of “promoting public understanding of and support for effective arms control policies.” The group publishes the monthly magazine Arms Control Today. 

The Princeton Program on Science and Global Security (Partner Organization): Princeton University’s Program on Science and Global Security (SGS), based in the School of Public and International Affairs, conducts scientific, technical and policy research, analysis and outreach to advance national and international policies for a safer and more peaceful world.

Daryl G. Kimball (Executive Director, Arms Control Association)

Chris Rostampour (Policy and Communications Coordinator)